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    Topics suggestions:

    5-Gender Equality

    6-Clean Water and Sanitation

    7-Affordable and Clean Energy

    8-Decent Work and Economic Growth

    10-Reduced Inequalities

    14-Life Below Water

    15-Life On Land

    16-Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions

    17-Partnerships for the Goals





    Select topic.

    If alone, one topic and one class period.

    If in pairs, two topics over two class periods.

    *If you are absent, you MUST have an official excuse (i.e., letter from doctor), and you MUST notify the professor before class. No exceptions!



    1. You will teach the class one SDGs topic.

    2. You will be in front of the room at least one hour, from 9:15 to 10:15.

    3. You can use movies and audio, but the segment must not exceed 20 minutes.

    4. You are encouraged to make your session interactive.

    5. Appeal to the emotion with stories, not just give facts and numbers.

    6. Come prepared. Practice your presentation many times. No ぶっつけ本番、何とかなる attitude.

    7. NO READING. チラ見 once or twice is acceptable, but really, ほんの数回のみ。*penalty*

    8. Try not use difficult words. If you must, make sure the audience understands.

    9. Distributing a handout (outline of your talk) is helpful, but not required.




    • Introduce the topic
    • Give background information (Why this problem?)
    • Show (or explain) how your SDGs topic is connected to other SDGs topics.
    • Convince the audience why this topic is important. (Why it’s not 対岸の火事.)
    • What are people doing to help reach the goal? (Solutions)
    • A review of your points and a memorable closing.




    On or before the last day of class, everyone must submit a written report. Your assignment is to select one (or more) of the 17 SDGs and come up with an original solution to the problem. It is OK if the 'how' is not completely solid. What is important is your ingenuity (an innovative idea). If you do this alone, your paper should be at least five pages long. If you work on this report in pairs, at least double the length is only fair.